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A new Mint exhibit uses light and technology to explore links between man and nature

Art and tech collide in the latest exhibit at the Mint Museum Uptown and it may change your mind about experimental art.

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A banker turned his passion for Latin American art into an NC ‘cultural institution’

LaCa Projects owner Walter Dolhare still has the Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miró posters he purchased for $8 each in 1986.

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This Charlotte artist is about to head to the Arctic. ‘My life is going to be changed’

For almost a month now Charlotte artist Ruth Ava Lyons has been taking cold showers to prepare for her trip to the Arctic.

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At age 26, this Charlotte artist is trying to set herself up for long-term success

Katherine Boxall isn’t waiting for someone to tell her she’s an artist. Outside validation doesn’t fuel her practice, and she’s not interested in fitting into other people’s definition of art.

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This program uses art to inspire teens to stay in school, graduate – and chase dreams

Shelley Reed-Wallace found the Arts & Science Council’s Studio 345 when she realized her daughter, Savaan Wallace, needed a place to connect with other art-minded teens.

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KNOW: At reopening Mint, ‘I like to call myself a “type A” artist’


Is there a specific career moment that makes you proud? I recall creating my first site-based work, when I was about 20. I was very shy about sharing my work and almost didn’t go through with it but entered the piece in an all-student show.

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She’s used a special tool for decades to lift her students: It’s a farm.


The sound of the brass meditation singing bowl is the signal for 18 students and five staffers to gather for meditation at the morning’s writing circle at Airy Knoll Farm Art Class.

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What’s improv comedy doing in Charlotte? We test-drive five troupes: Take a look

Senior Architect

If you haven’t dug into Charlotte’s improv comedy scene yet, now’s a great time to do it.

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