The Yolk Cafe: Brings new twists to comfort classics


At first glance, The Yolk Café doesn’t inspire confidence: it’s the last storefront in a shopping center strip mall in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Step inside and instantly the sights, sounds and smells instill a comfort that makes you want to stay awhile...

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9 Dishes and drinks under $20 to try ​at the Ritz-Carlton


Chef Richard Gras is a name dropper — and he’s the new executive chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte. His 20-year career has taken him all over the world to cook at prestigious restaurants and hotels under...

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Advocacy: For the love of wine

Senior Architect

Based on a belief in and love for the rich bounty of resources North Carolina offers, two proprietors, one of a restaurant, the other, a vineyard, have come together to build a relationship true to the family foundation of both. In a small town, just shy of a two-ho...

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Meet PCG Member – Jamie Barnes: Elevating Fries and the Charlotte Culinary Community

Jamie Barnes and his business partner, Greg Williams, introduced What the Fries food truck concept to Food...

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Meet PCG Member – Julia Simon: Vegan Encourager, Educator, & Promoter

An experience at Grand St. Settlement in New York City changed the trajectory for PCG Professional Member Julia Simon.

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Meet PCG Member – Ashley Boyd: Bolder Desserts, Locally Sourced

Ashley Boyd has been the pastry chef at her family’s Dilworth restaurant, 300 East, since 2014. She never intended to join the family business. She wanted to paint and sculpt.

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